Wednesday, July 11, 2012

$25 for $50 Toward Lovable Labels

Head over to Plum District and check out this deal,

$25 for $50 Toward Lovable Labels

$25 for $50 Toward Lovable Labels
Take a moment and count how many bottles, lunch bags, cups, toys and other kid accessories you've (they've) lost in the last year, we'll wait … crazy, right?! Make holding on to school supplies, sports equipment, and all your kids' gear easy when you use Lovable Labels.
These labels simply do not come off or slide around. Put them on everything! The type is clear and does not wear off like so many other brands. The bright colours make finding the names easy while searching the camp cubbies, lost and found, and classrooms. Labels can be smoothed onto any hard surfaces, and withstand whatever rough housing your kids put them through. Keep your kids' possessions from getting mixed-up or just plain lost when you mark them with adorable, Lovable Labels.

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