Friday, July 27, 2012

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What are BzzCampaigns?
BzzCampaigns are programs where Agents are invited to try a product or service and share their opinions about it through in-person conversations and online through their social networks.

Why participate in BzzCampaigns?
We assume you're not allergic to fun and generally being thought of as awesome. Some reasons to participate include:

Discover and try new products, sometimes before anyone else
Get coupons and samples to share with friends
Influence brands eager to hear what you and your friends have to say
How does a BzzCampaign work?
It all starts with an invitation on your My BzzAgent or BzzCampaigns page. If you decide to join, next you’ll:

1.Sign up for the BzzCampaign and receive a way to try the product or service
2.Learn about and try the product, and form a knowledgeable opinion
3.Share your honest opinion (positive and negative) with people you know through face-to-face conversations and online in places like Facebook, Twitter and blogs.
4.Visit the campaign homepage to access tools that make it easy to write reviews, post on Facebook, upload photos and videos and submit BzzReports about the in-person conversations you have

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