Wednesday, August 1, 2012

$25 for $50 of Tokens toward 500+ Games and More at Funspot

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Funspot - Weirs Beach, NH

$25 for $50 of Tokens toward 500+ Games and More at Funspot

The Spot for Fun!
Largest Arcade in the World! - Guinness Book of World Records
“I love this place. As a kid I use to go to Weirs Beach nearly every summer with my family. This past fall I made another visit, after about 7-8 years since my last visit. This place is still the best arcade I've been to. Their classic gaming room/museum area is outstanding. That's what drew me in to go here. Classic pinballs and arcade machines can't be matched by today's newer games.” - Dan B. - reviewer
“Top notch gaming arcade with all the bells and whistles (literally). Classic games, modern arcade machines, redemption games, skeeball, bowling, bingo, a driving range, mini-golf, a bar, and a pizzeria.” - thedan1984 – reviewer
“I love FunSpot and I can't wait to visit again!” - P J H – reviewer
Many of us “old timers” have fond memories of Mom or Dad dropping us off, pockets stuffed with quarters, at the local video arcade on a Friday or Saturday night. And although today’s modern home game systems are impressive, we look wistfully back at a time where kids went out and socialized at the arcade and didn’t spend the weekend on the couch with a controller in their hands. Luckily for New Hampshire residents, the arcade era has been preserved in the world's largest indoor arcade.
Today’s Couptopia deal is a dream come true for kids and kids at heart with $50 worth of game tokens for only $25. You can finally settle the score with your kid brother over who is truly the King of Galaga or challenge your girlfriend or boyfriend to a few rounds of air hockey! Regardless, the odds are that you will find your favorite game at Funspot.
Funspot was founded by Bob Lawton in 1952. It provides quality entertainment in an atmosphere right for the whole family and its array of fun is continually growing. Funspot offers over 500 games, a 20 lane ten pin & candlepin bowling center, cash bingo, outdoor & indoor mini-golf, a restaurant, a tavern and more!
In addition to the arcade, Funspot is home to the American Classic Arcade Museum and regularly draws visitors from around the world to admire the collection and also for their epic tournaments with some coming from as far away as Australia!
So get ready for a nostalgic and fun-packed trip down memory lane and also enjoy the opportunity to share what a true classic gaming experience was like with your favorite member of Generation X-Box. And, who knows, maybe Grandpa might have saved up a few pinball skills of his own!

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