Saturday, August 11, 2012

55% off backpack/lunch box combo + free shipping

55% off backpack/l

unch box combo + free shipping

Nothing calms a little back-to-school worry like having an old friend by your side. And if that friend happens to have spidey sense or glass slippers? Well, that's even better. Send them to school with the characters they love by snapping up today's Save.

Here's the deal: $18 for a backpack and lunch box combo pack featuring Green Lantern, Spider-Man, Dora the Explorer, Disney princesses, Minnie Mouse or Batman.

With comfortable adjustable straps and double zip closures, your child's homework won't be lost along the way. Bologna sandwiches with Belle or grape juice with the Green Lantern? Either way, your little learner's lunch will stay fresh in this insulated lunch box that attaches to its companion backpack for easy back-and-forth trips. Free shipping is included!
Back to school: $18 for kid's 16" backpack/lunch box combo + free shipping!
Offer expires: 11:59 PM - Aug 24, 2012

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