Monday, August 13, 2012

62% off 1500 thread count sheets + free shipping

You splurge for designer duds made of sumptuous fabrics that only make it out of your closet on special occasions. Yet every night you resort to snuggling up in scratchy sheets. Fortunately, today's Save from Dress Ur Bed will help you reassess your priorities — and get your zzz's.

Here's the deal: $45 for a set of king or queen 1,500 thread count sheets in white, cream, gray or sage. These breathable soft sheets have a silky smooth feel and a lustrous finish. 

Making the bed is a cinch — the sheets have deep pockets and are wrinkle-free. In addition, they keep their vibrant color even after innumerable washes. Free shipping is included! $45 for a set of 1,500 thread count sheets from Dress Ur Bed
Offer expires: 11:59 PM - Aug 23, 2012

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