Thursday, August 16, 2012

Host a Keurig Vue House Party

Host a Keurig Vue House Party
Invite your friends over to savor the perfect cup of coffee and see how the new Keurig® Vue®brewing system is the easy way to brew what you love, the way you love it. Brew stronger, bigger, hotter coffee, plus tea, hot cocoa, and delicious iced, specialty and café beverages, too. Apply to host and taste for yourself how Keurig® Vue® is Changing the Way America Brews.
You'll love your exclusive Party Pack, which will contain:
  • Keurig® Vue® packs
  • Keurig® Vue® apron
  • Keurig® Vue® napkins, cups and lids
  • Brew Over Ice Tumblers
  • Cookies to accompany your beverages
  • After Coffee Signature Peppermints
  • Exclusive savings
  • And a special surprise!
Hosting opportunities are limited.Apply now
September 22, 2012

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