Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitchen Kits: Make Your Own Mozzarella

Head over to and grab this great project do do with the kids,

Kitchen Kits: Make Your Own Mozzarella

Ditch over-processed butter and mozzarella from the grocery store and make your own! Each of these kits contains everything you need to make creamy, sweet butter and soft, fresh mozzarella at home. All you need to supply is the milk and cream!

Here’s what you get:
- Two instruction manuals – one each for making butter and mozzarella
- Assorted herbs and flaked salt for butter flavoring
- Butter spreader and ramekin for storing butter 
- Butter shaker
- Dairy thermometer
- Gloves
- Rennet, citric acid and salt for making mozzarella


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